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How to cure the belting tumbling

Mar 30, 2019

Conducting the inspection and necessary timely adjustment during the normal operation of the belt machine is one of the important measures to prevent the belt from turning over. In addition, some modifications must be made:

1. Install a current limiting plate at the tail guide groove. The instantaneous flow rate is not more than 300t/h, which is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the belt machine. The above reasons are analyzed when the instantaneous flow rate reaches 400t/h, which is an important cause of expansion and may cause tumbling. In order to avoid the instantaneous and excessive flow of coal into the belt machine, in addition to strengthening coordination and supervision, it is positive to carry out necessary improvements. To this end, a restrictor plate is installed at the exit of the tailgate. The flow area of the restrictor plate needs to be determined after many tests. If it is small, it will affect the normal transportation; if it is large, the flow restriction will be lost. After installing the current limiting plate, a major hidden danger is eliminated and the expected effect is achieved.

2. Adjust the angle of the guide pinch wheel and increase the set of pinch rollers. In order to ensure the reliability of the guiding belt, two sets of guiding pinch rollers are arranged before the forming of the tape tube. The inclination angles of the two sets of pinch rollers should not be the same, but should have a gradient, and the angle of inclination near the tail roller should be large. Some, the tilt angle of the other group should be smaller. The specific inclination angle should be determined according to the site. The principle is to ensure that the grooved tape smoothly transitions to a circular shape. In order to prevent accidents (such as sudden damage to a set of pinch rollers or loose bolts that cannot effectively press the edge of the tape), a set of pinch rollers is added to the side of the tail drum. This increase is less expensive but the pilot pressure The reliability of the belt is almost 100%.

3. Extend the expansion section. For a pipe belt machine with a diameter of 250 mm, the usual design requires that the length of the unfolding section should not be less than 6.25 m, and the unfolding section of the site is actually about 7 m. For a stacking position that is normal, such a length of the unfolding section should be sufficient, but it is impossible and impossible to keep the stack always in the desired position. Once the round tube is over-twisted, the stack will be far from the ideal position. Since the unfolding section is short and there is not enough cushioning, the round tube tape will not enter the drive roller and will cause the tumbling. Proper extension of the length of the unfolding section facilitates stable operation of the belting machine if the site location permits.

According to the actual situation on site, some PSK roller sets were changed into grooved roller sets, and the groove angle was gradually changed from 60, 45, 30, 20, and 10. To ensure the deployment of the round tube tape, an unrolling pulley is added near the 30-slot angle.