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How to avoid damage to rubber surface during transportation?

Jul 20, 2019

Nylon conveyor belts are now more and more widely used in society. How to avoid damage to rubber surface during transportation?

The first method is to prevent the conveyor belt from being subjected to a large impact. The design of the leakage system of the transportation system is too large, the coal flow direction is unreasonable, and the system has many large materials, which can cause the conveyor belt to be impacted, forming more pits on the belt surface and damaging the rubber surface.

The second method is to prevent contact with high temperature materials. When the nylon conveyor belt transports the dirty slag coal in the boiler room, the unheated high temperature dirty slag coal causes the conveyor belt to cover the glue to melt, which aggravates the abnormal wear of the belt surface. In addition, sparks and slag generated during electric welding and gas cutting operations can also cause damage to the cover tape.

The third method is also more important, that is, the quality of the conveyor belt. In the manufacturing process of nylon conveyor belt, due to insufficient adhesive force of the rubber compound, defects in the process or a certain manufacturing process, the reaction force of the frictional force causes the cover rubber to gradually peel off, and in severe cases, the tear of the cover rubber is generated.