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How should we prevent edge wear of rubber conveyor belts?

Jul 29, 2019

How should we prevent edge wear of rubber conveyor belts?

       The edge wear of the rubber conveyor belt is mainly the friction and wear of the belt edge and the frame when the conveyor belt is deflected. The conveyor belt should run on the centerline of the roller set, but due to defects caused by the manufacture, installation, use, etc. of the conveyor, the conveyor belt often deviates from the centerline. Generally, the conveyor belt allows 5% of the deviation in the width direction. When the deviation is excessive, the conveyor belt is in contact with the roller bracket and the frame to cause edge rubber wear. When the deviation is severe, the conveyor belt may even turn over. Side, such as the radial travel screw head of the drum, the convex part of the sweeper block, or the gap of the frame is too small, which may cause the tear of the conveyor belt, and the partial peeling and scratching of the cover rubber through the analysis of the wear factors of the conveyor belt. In the design of the belt conveyor, take corresponding precautions to extend the life of the conveyor belt. The design is usually optimized from the following five aspects to reduce belt wear.

     1, a reasonable choice of conveyor belt

     2. Reduce the wear of the conveyor belt on the conveyor belt.

     3. Optimization of the feeding device structure.

    4. Reduce the impact of the receiving process on the conveyor belt.

    5. Use electromechanical protection devices.