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How roller maintenance?

Jun 24, 2019

What are the maintenance of the rollers?

1. In the normal use of the roller, the collision of the roller should be minimized, and it should not be disassembled and assembled at will.

2. The replacement of the labyrinth seals should be made with the original factory-designated accessories and loaded according to the requirements. It should not be used in a mess, and it will not work properly after the components of different specifications are assembled.

3. When replacing the bearing, the bearing cage opening should be facing outward, and a certain gap should be left after the bearing is loaded into the roller, and it cannot be crushed to death.

4. At the time of rest, the roller can be removed to avoid deformation due to the pressure of the extended period, which affects the use effect.

5. After the work is finished, clean the roller with a special cleaning agent, and place the washed roller in a cool and ventilated place, and continue to use after air drying.

6. Items such as protective film can be wrapped on the rollers that need to be temporarily stored to prevent fouling.