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How is the heat-resistant conveyor belt effectively combined with the wire rope in production?

May 12, 2019

The heat-resistant conveyor belt needs to be somewhat integrated into the rubber of the conveyor belt during the manufacturing process, so that the characteristics of the heat-resistant conveyor belt can be improved.

Firstly, the mesh of the end of the rubber band product is completely removed by a tool, and the rubber surface of the surface part is removed, and the bottom end of the wire rope is sharpened by a grinder, and the length can be visually determined, which is 150. It can be about millimeters, and the depth of the inclined peripheral direction is polished to about 100 mm. The entire surface of the steel cord core and the upper and lower covering rubber surfaces in the initial state are ground and flattened, and the high-standard ethanol gasoline is used to repeatedly clean the end surface.

Secondly, we can effectively join the steel wire of the heat-resistant conveyor belt and arrange it according to the standard specifications. It can be prepared to cover the surface of the pressurized iron plate under the hot vulcanization with a clean cloth layer, and then lay the rubber material for the conveyor belt manufacturer. To achieve the full conformity of the raw materials and the overlapping parts on both sides, and then according to the production standard, multiple wire ropes are used for joints and the joint glue is brushed in the joints to ensure the uniformity and thickness of the adhesive glue, and finally lay multiple layers. The quality of the original rubber raw materials can be repeated according to the above method. After the steel wire laying and lap joints in the wire rope conveyor joint process are completed, the next step is entered.

Place the lower frame and align the ends of the machine to ensure that the frame and the belt are centered and aligned. Next we will align the upper and lower heat vulcanization plates with the center of the work surface as the reference. Make sure to align the middle position of the rubber conveyor belt joint part; after the rubber bonding part of the product is ready according to the production process, clamp it on both sides with the retaining iron; then place the vulcanized cover and the hydraulic cover in sequence. The board and the upper heat-insulating cover are placed in the rack. Note that the above parts should be evenly concentric. Finally, the connecting bolts are installed and completely tightened; the high-pressure water pipes and the pressurized air pump are respectively connected.

The vulcanization part performs the operation of the process. After the inspection is correct, the rubber belt vulcanizing joint machine can be energized. The operating cabinet can be set to maintain the working temperature at about 145 degrees, the water pressure is increased to 1 MPa, and the temperature is raised to 100 degrees. Continue to pressurize to 1.4 MPa. When it is raised to 145 degrees, it is subjected to temperature maintenance for about 30 minutes. After the temperature retention time is completed, the temperature returns to 55 degrees in the natural state, and the device can be opened. Disassembly, thus completing the bonding of the hot vulcanization process of the steel cord, the above products can maintain strength, durability and the like.