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How belt conveyor install

Mar 10, 2019

Conveyor installation work steps:

  1. Dashing ;
  2. Check the civil construction and check the anchor bolts and embedded steel plates;
  3. Check the position of each part of the conveyor;
  4. Install the truss according to the anchor bolts;
  5. Installation and adjustment of equipment (including upper and lower rollers, wipers, drive devices, etc.);
  6. Install the tape hoist;
  7. Install the telescopic head;
  8. Install the guide trough;
  9. Install the tensioning device;
  10. Install all electrical part brackets;
  11. Tape cutting and vulcanization joints.

  Conveyor electrical part installation steps:

  1. Install cable ducts;
  2. Install limit switches, protection devices, electric control cabinets, etc.;
  3. Install the electric light;
  4. Laying cables;
  5. Connect the wires.

At the end of the installation of the conveyor, the damaged part of the paint shall be repainted according to the technical specifications. Secondly, add grease or lubricating oil to the following conveyor equipment according to the procedures specified in the lubricant operation manual: reducer, coupling, crane, bearing housing, motor bearing, etc.