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Groove roller production process

Jun 28, 2019

1. The grooved roller tube, the roller shaft (cold drawn round steel), the stamped bearing seat and the matching seals should be inspected. The elliptical tolerance of the pipe diameter is ≤0.6mm, and the diameter tolerance of the cold drawn rib is +0.002-+0.012mm. The bearing housing and the matching seal must be assembled first. The shaft retaining spring is steel, and it is constantly deformed after being installed. Other accessories should be used after inspection. Due to the large batch size of the supporting parts, the inspection is sampling inspection, and problems are found in production and assembly. The workshop should promptly notify the quality inspection personnel, and the quality inspection department is responsible for organizing analysis and processing.

2. Cutting: When the grooved roller tube and the shaft are unloaded, the cutting surface of the pipe and the shaft should be perpendicular to the axis. Pipe and shaft length tolerance ≤ 2mm, vertical tolerance ≤ 2mm.

3. Pipe processing: When machining the bearing steps at both ends of the pipe on a double-head lathe, the machining diameter and depth dimensional tolerances should meet the drawing requirements to ensure the concentricity of the two bearing seats and the assembly requirements of the two ends of the spring.