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Flame retardant conveyor belt related knowledge

May 03, 2019

As we all know, the flame-retardant conveyor belt is one of our common conveyor belts, then the knowledge about the flame-retardant conveyor belt, ZT BELTING for everyone to sort out for your reference.

First, the concept of flame retardant conveyor belt:

The flame-retardant conveyor belt, also known as the whole core flame-retardant conveyor belt, is made by impregnating or vulcanizing the whole core with a PVC impregnated paste, which has the characteristics of high strength, large volume, and balanced transportation. Good flame retardant, antistatic, impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Second, the variety structure of flame retardant conveyor belt:

The flame-retardant conveyor belt is composed of a cover rubber, a core and a side glue. Among them, the core of the belt is made of cotton, hard cotton interwoven, nylon, polyester and nylon and polyester interwoven canvas, and the rubber layer has self-extinguishing, flame retardant and static conductivity.

Third, the use of flame retardant conveyor belt:

Flame-retardant conveyor belts are suitable for use in industries such as chemical, light industry, coal, coal washing plant, metallurgy, grain processing, electric power and other industries that use flame retardant or flame retardant and static electricity.

Fourth, the characteristics of flame retardant conveyor belt:

The flame-retardant conveyor belt is a new type of flame retardant belt with anti-burning, anti-static and other characteristics developed by our company according to the characteristics of hot materials in metallurgy, coal mine, power plant and other industries. This product has a long service life and increases the safety of use.