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Conveyor belt routine maintenance

Apr 16, 2019

The conveyor belt is widely used in various industries, and the work efficiency and work quality have been improved. The main reason is that the conveyor belt can be continuous, the operation is safe, the transportation distance is shortened, and the manpower and material resources are saved. In order to ensure that the conveyor belt is more durable and does not reduce work efficiency, care and maintenance should be taken care of in daily use.

First, when not in use

1, should be kept clean, avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow immersion, to prevent contact with acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents and other substances that affect quality, and 1 meter away from the heat device.


2. The conveyor belt should be placed in a roll and should not be folded. It should be turned once every season during the placement.


3. The running speed of the conveyor belt should not be too fast, the transportation block should be large, the material with high wear and the low-speed should be used when using the fixed pear type unloading device. When the specified speed is exceeded, it will affect the service life.


4. The relationship between the diameter of the drive roller of the transporter and the layer of the conveyor belt, the matching of the drive drum to the drum and the requirements of the groove angle of the roller should be reasonably selected according to the design regulations of the conveyor.


5. In order to reduce the impact and wear of the material on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt receiving section should shorten the idler spacing and take buffer measures. In order to prevent scratching, the contact part of the scraper cleaning device and the unloading device and the conveyor belt should be made of a rubber plate with appropriate hardness. Do not use a tape head with a cloth layer.


Second, in the process of use

1. Avoid the roller being covered by the material, causing the rotation to be ineffective, preventing the leakage from getting stuck between the roller and the tape. Pay attention to the lubrication of the moving part, but not the oily conveyor belt.


2. Strive to avoid starting with load.


3, the tape occurs deviation, should take timely measures to correct.


4. It is found that the local damage of the tape should be repaired in time to avoid expansion.

5, to avoid the tape from the block, the pillar or block material block, to prevent breakage and tear.