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Considerations for Jaw Crusher

Oct 14, 2016

(1) the crusher is normal after the operation in order to feed production.

(2) the broken material Crusher Chamber should be added evenly, side feeding or full feeding should be avoided, so as to avoid unilateral overload or the overload.

(3) the normal working hours, bearing temperature should not exceed 30 c, the maximum temperature must not exceed 70 ℃. Above this temperature, should immediately stop, identify the cause and exclude them.

(4) before stopping, should first of all stop feeding cavity materials to be broken after a full discharge, before power off.

(5) when broken, such as caused by the crushing Chamber materials within block parking, immediately turn off the power to stop running, broken cavity material after cleaning, before starting again.

(6) the jaw end wear, adjustable.

(7) Crusher used for a period of time after the adapter bushing should be loose and damage the machine.