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Composite roller application

Jun 07, 2019

Composite rollers are widely used in transportation systems such as docks, mines, factories, power plants, grain stations, etc. Compared with ordinary rollers, composite rollers are used to transport corrosive materials such as acid, alkali, salt, chemicals and chemicals. What are the advantages of a workplace with a high fire protection factor?

The cylinder and the bearing seat of the composite roller are made of high-strength composite material. The inner wall of the roller has several convex reinforcing ribs along the length direction, and several reinforcing rings are arranged along the circumferential direction. The inner side of the bearing seat is a plum-shaped structure. The inner and outer circles on the inner side of the bearing seat are connected by a plurality of reinforcing ribs, and the bearing seat has a plurality of convex and concave rings on the outer side, and a plurality of concave grooves are arranged on the circumference of the mounting contact surface of the bearing seat and the roller body. It consists of a roller body, a shaft, a bearing seat, a dense palace cover, a shaft collar, a dustproof cover, and a rubber seal. The roller structure is fastened, has strong load-bearing capacity, is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and has a long service life, and can be widely used in belt conveyors of ports, docks and industrial and mining enterprises.