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Classification of roller bearings and their role in the roller system

Jun 21, 2019

What is the classification of the roller bearings and their role in the roller system?

1. Open-type roller bearing is the most common type of roller bearing. Open-type bearing is also called flat bearing. The bearing itself is not sealed. The roller has several layers of nylon roller bearing sealing ring protection. Sealing performance Already very good, the bearing is further sealed to do more. The open roller bearing is easy to grasp the lubricating grease filling amount of the roller bearing according to the actual situation before installation. The open roller bearing has a certain cost compared with the sealing roller bearing. The price advantage makes it easy to improve the market competitiveness of the roller and even the conveyor.

2, KA retainer bearings are mostly used in mine transportation machinery, mining materials must have coal safety certificate, nylon retainer bearing fits the national coal safety standard, effectively avoiding static electricity caused by bearing tumbling, physical nylon support frame is characterized by strength and Elasticity has an outstanding connection. Nylon has a smooth sliding function with a lubricated steel surface. It also has little conflict with the surface of the roll body. The heat and wear inside the bearing is very low, low density. The data means that the inertia of the frame is small, and the nylon has excellent running characteristics in the absence of lubricant. It allows the bearing to continue to run for a period of time, and will not lock up and further damage soon.

3. The double-sealed roller bearing is suitable for the sealing requirement is relatively higher or the roller bearing production condition of the roller production enterprise is not perfect. The bearing is greased at the factory and the bearing itself is sealed and dustproof cover. The sealing dust cover has Iron seal, rubber seal; single seal bearing with iron seal and rubber seal. The axial bearing capacity of the roller bearing will directly affect the service life of the roller and affect the working efficiency of the entire conveyor system.