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Classification and function of roller accessories

Apr 01, 2019

In the belt conveyor, the idler roller is used to support the conveyor belt and the cargo load, and can play an important role and value in the transportation, and ensure that the sag of the conveyor belt is within the design limited range. In use, the idler roller is The most important equipment, in the design of the belt conveyor, the selection and selection of the rollers have an important influence on the normal use, stable operation, maintenance cost, power consumption and overall price of the belt conveyor. It can play an important role and value in the roller and maintenance and repair, and can effectively form the roller, so that the roller can play an important role and value in use.

The roller is composed of various accessories, including roller stamping bearing seat, roller bearing, roller seal, roller bracket, spacer sleeve, hook joint, cast steel tweezers, cylindrical pin, roller shaft and card. Spring retaining ring, etc.

The bearing is the most important part of the roller composition, and the bearing quality directly affects the service life of the roller. Bearings include open roller bearings, KA or TN nylon retainer bearings, double-sealed roller bearings, and single-sealed roller bearings. Roller bearing housings are divided into two types, one is a stamped bearing housing, and the other is a cast iron (grey iron) bearing housing. The roller sealing material is divided into polyethylene and nylon. The roller shaft is divided into a cold drawn steel shaft and a stepped shaft. The circlip used for the roller is made of spring steel, which acts as a fixed roller.

The machining accuracy of the roller parts mainly refers to the concentricity of the inner holes of the outer casing and the idler and the machining precision of the axial dimensions of the parts. If the concentricity is too bad, the rolling bearing will be killed, the resistance will be increased, and the service life will be reduced; The axial dimension error is too large, which will form a large axial gap, which will cause axial turbulence and damage lubrication and sealing. If the installation quality is not good, deviation, biting, intensification of wear, etc. will occur, and the roller will be greatly reduced. Service life.

The manufacturing process of the roller accessories will affect the dynamic load of the roller. The basic reason for the dynamic load is the uneven wall thickness of the roller shell and the mass imbalance caused by the radial runout of the casing. To ensure the processing and assembly quality of the roller, the key is to find A roller manufacturer with strong technical strength, perfect technical equipment, scientific management and good service awareness.