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Carbon black influence on the conveyor belt process-1

Mar 08, 2019

The inclusion rubber is the part of the rubber that is shielded in the chain structure of the carbon black aggregate. It is also called the occlusion rubber. The amount of the contained rubber is determined by the structure of the carbon black. The structure is high and the plastic is contained. The activity is greatly affected. The limitation, so it is often regarded as part of carbon black in the handling of some problems. Of course, this view is not accurate enough. When the shearing force increases or the temperature rises, this part of the rubber still has certain rubber macromolecular activities. Sexuality, according to the electron microscopic observation, model, calculation and other research work of carbon black aggregates, the empirical formula is proposed, that is, the higher the structure of the carbon black aggregate, that is, the more developed the aggregate chain, the more the containment glue, but in the calculation When the stress of the carbon black rubber was filled, it was found that the calculated result was higher than the measured value, indicating that under such tensile conditions, the rubber macromolecule in the containing rubber still has certain activity;

Effect of carbon black properties on the mixing process and the rubber compound: The particle size, structure and surface properties of the carbon black have an effect on the mixing process and the properties of the rubber compound: