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Calculation method of conveyor belt weight

Mar 31, 2019

Conveyor belts are generally installed on conveyors to carry and transport materials. They are widely used in mines, ports, warehouses and large and medium-sized enterprises. We should calculate the weight again and pay special attention to the following considerations:

(1) It can produce non-standard specifications between 300 and 2400mm according to different needs of users, and can be dismantled and customized.

(2) Square meter calculation method: bandwidth × [number of layers × (coating thickness + thickness) / 1.5] × length

(3) Weight calculation method: total square meter × 1.56kg / m 2 = total weight

(4) Specification method: Example: Ordinary conveyor belt: 500 × 4 (3+1.5)

A conveyor belt of 1 mm thick per square meter is about 2.9 kg. This is a constant. The belt width multiplied by the bandwidth multiplied by 2.9 is the weight per meter, so we only need to measure the length of the conveyor belt to calculate its weight, but it must be Remember to convert units.