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Belting rubber compound processing method

Mar 12, 2019

The successful formula of the rubber conveyor belt often has to undergo multiple experiments and multiple variable screening. Whether the compound formula has reasonable process performance and the physical and mechanical properties of the vulcanized rubber meet the requirements, firstly, the test should be made through the test of the laboratory. The physical property data is accurate and reliable, and on the other hand, traditional research methods are required;

The main feature of the conveyor belt manufacturer's “three-square” design is the conscious addition of a second block between the first block and the third-party block, which improves the traditional research method. The addition of the second block provides a theoretical basis for the design. It reduces the blindness and workload of the test work, and is an effective method to seek the relationship between structure and performance, because the mechanical properties and processing properties of the rubber compound mainly depend on the microstructure of the rubber tape compound, and many advanced ones at present. The instrument test method can accurately determine the microstructure and provide a more accurate basis. For example, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) can be used to study the degree of cross-linking of the rubber and the firmness of the rubber macromolecule adsorbed on the surface of the filler. In order to estimate the reinforcement of the filler, thermal analysis of the vulcanization process of the rubber compound by DSC can be used to judge the difference of the reaction type and the reaction speed from the change of the thermal effect of the vulcanization reaction, and the crystallization of the vulcanized rubber or the raw rubber can be analyzed by X-ray diffraction. Orientation, the viscoelastic spectrometer can be used to analyze the dynamic viscoelasticity of the rubber compound, and the design of the shock absorbing product is provided. An important basis, the production and sales of rubber belt manufacturers infrared spectrum analysis, UV spectroscopy, thin-layer gas chromatography, pyrolysis chromatography are commonly used to determine the structure of the rubber compound, the phase structure of the polymer is also studied by electron microscopy and phase contrast microscopy. Currently used methods;

The dispersibility of the compounding agent in the production conveyor belt of the rubber compound is closely related to the degree of dispersion of the compounding agent. It is checked whether the mixing of the raw materials is evenly distributed, and can be directly determined by electron microscopy and optical microscopy qualitative and quantitative methods. It can also be used for physical and mechanical properties measurement, extrusion expansion ratio measurement, viscosity measurement and resistivity measurement. It can also be carried out by instrumental methods such as pressure gauges and power integrators. This project is essential for the study of processing properties. The quality management of the factory is more practical, and the rapid and quantitative detection method has a profound impact on the quality control of rubber processing.