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aw Crusher maintenance issues

Oct 14, 2016

1. closed broken jaw on a regular basis, check the machine. Any stone crushing in the switch when the machine, it should be noted that regular close the Jaw Crusher, check the wear of the inside of the machine, such as feeding tubes, conical CAP, Center on the impeller, dirty road liners, circular shield, wear-resistant wear, relatively more timely replacement of wearing parts, these parts to repair. Bearing in mind the weight of the replacement part number and size, and so on, must be replaced by original parts parameter.

2. jaw broken drive belt inspected regularly. Jaw broken belt is indispensable for stone production line, machine drive belt did. Adjust the belt tension on a regular basis, ensures uniform belt force. Dual-motor driven, Group v-belt should be optional on both sides, length consistent as far as possible to each group. Found drive belt wear too much change.

3. lubrication of the mechanical parts. Jaw Crusher used vehicles with premium grease or 3 lithium base grease, add grease every 400 hours; work 2000 hours, open the spindle bearing Assembly to be cleaned; General 7,200 hours of new bearings.

In addition to ensure the Jaw Crusher works, in addition to proper operation outside the broken jaw, the need for planned maintenance, including maintenance repairs, repair and overhaul.