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Advantages of whole core fire retardant conveyor belt and heavy duty PVG conveyor belt compared to traditional steel cord conveyor belt

Apr 29, 2019

What is the definition of a flame retardant conveyor belt? What are the advantages of heavy duty PVG conveyor belts compared to conventional steel cord conveyors?

First, the definition of the whole core flame retardant conveyor belt:

The flame-retardant conveyor belt, also known as the whole core flame-retardant conveyor belt, is made by impregnating or vulcanizing the whole core with a PVC impregnated paste, which has the characteristics of high strength, large volume, and balanced transportation. Good flame retardant, antistatic, impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Second, the advantages of heavy-duty PVG conveyor belts compared to traditional steel cord conveyor belts

1. The heavy-duty PVG conveyor belt has high latitudinal strength (the latitudinal strength is not limited in the MT668-1997 standard), and the longitudinal tear resistance is high.

2, heavy-duty PVG conveyor belt joints are flexible and fast, you can use the buckle connection method, and you can also use the glue connection. The joint strength is high, generally can maintain the original tensile strength of 65-90%, easy to replace and repair.

3, heavy-duty PVG conveyor belt with light body, heavy-duty PVG conveyor belt is much lighter than the same-class steel core belt, and consumes less power. This advantage is very important for longer transmission systems. This allows for the use of smaller power drives and long-term energy savings.

4. Heavy-duty PVG conveyor belts have good flexibility and thin belts. The conveyors can use smaller diameter drums.

5. Heavy-duty PVG conveyor belt cover rubber has good wear resistance, high tear strength, excellent anti-static properties such as flame retardant and antistatic, and the thickness and shape of the cover rubber can be arbitrarily selected.

6. The one-time purchase cost of heavy-duty PVG conveyor belt is lower than that of steel cord conveyor belt, which is conducive to capital turnover. The flame-retardant conveyor belt is composed of a cover rubber, a core and a side glue. Among them, the core of the belt is made of cotton, hard cotton interwoven, nylon, polyester and nylon and polyester interwoven canvas, and the rubber layer has self-extinguishing, flame retardant and static conductivity.